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I was looking for a flexible investment vehicle that I could use for a special need we had. With [IntraFi Network Deposits], I found safety, flexibility, and yield—all in one place!

Al Braithwaite
Director of Administrative Services
City of Oldsmar, FL

Upon joining the county treasurer’s office, I was intrigued to learn that a portion of the county’s funds were placed through [IntraFi Network Deposits]. I quickly appreciated the security and ease of placing large deposits through a single bank while keeping the money FDIC insured, and have since [expanded our use of the service], as well. [IntraFi Network Deposits] frees up the capital of smaller banks to finance community growth while still allowing them to accept our larger deposits. We can support the prosperity of the community while investing the taxpayers’ money competitively and safety through a community bank. A winning combination.

Carla J. Manning
Payne County Treasurer
Stillwater, OK

Our school system has utilized the [IntraFi Network Deposits CDs solution] for years and is very pleased about the addition of the [IntraFi Network Deposits DDAs/MMDAs offering]. With [IntraFi Network Deposits CDs solution], we have access to FDIC insurance on our funds that are invested for a longer timeframe while meeting our investment policy mandates and earning CD-level returns. With [IntraFi Network Deposits DDAs/MMDAs offering], we can protect and invest our funds on a shorter-term basis while earning a return. [The two solutions] combined provide us with an efficient cash management solution.

Doris Gasper
Business Manager at Beloit Schools District 273
Beloit KS

I have found participation in [IntraFi Network Deposits] to be simple and a time saver. We earn very competitive interest rates on our investments while freeing up staff time. We were in [IntraFi Network Deposits] during our last audit and passed with flying colors!

Christine J. Johnson
Treasurer, DeKalb County
DeKalb County, IL

We use [local bank] instead of a large bank because it is high touch and they have a presence here in [local city]. They are smaller, but [with IntraFi Network Deposits] feel big.

COO/CFO, Investment Advisory (Trust Accounts)

We need things as simple as simple can be. That’s how we started with [IntraFi Network Deposits]. Been with them since 2008.

Finance Manager, Large Trucking Company

An important motivator in our using a single bank is that the business is a cash business, and every day we must make trips to the bank, as the company collects money from customers on a daily basis.Many still pay in checks. Having one bank to work with [using IntraFi Network Deposits] makes it much easier.

President, Wine and Spirit Importer

I love it [IntraFi Network Deposits]. It tells me where our money is. We keep a minimum $150k in checking. After $200K, it moves the cash around seamlessly. I could not be happier with how the sweep works. Keeps us liquid and protected,and interest bearing, the best of both worlds. And the [IntraFi Network Deposits] statementsreconciling is so easy QuickBooks syncs with our bank, so it shows up in QuickBooks and clearly shows interest earned and posts.

Accounting Manager, Prep School

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