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Case Studies

Finance Manager, Large Trucking Company

The finance manager of a large trucking company finds that IntraFi® Network DepositsSM can help meet its cash management needs. Read more

President, Wine and Spirit Importer

A president of a wine and spirit importer turns to IntraFi Network Deposits to eliminate the hassle of managing multiple accounts at multiple banks to secure its cash. Read more

Accounting Manager, Prep School

The accounting manager of a prep school calls his decision to use IntraFi Network Deposits a "slam dunk." Read more

VP Finance, Religious-Based Fund

The vp of finance for a religious-based fund uses IntraFi Network Deposits and was able double the amount of funds under management in a brief period of time. Read more

COO/CFO, Investment Advisory (Trust Accounts)

The COO/CFO of an investment advisory trust finds that IntraFi Network Deposits can provide a better yield than an alternative cash management solutions. Read more

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