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Silver safe shaped like a dollar sign next to a gold seal that says American Bankers Association Endorsed

A Smart Cash Management Alternative

Many cash management options, such as Treasuries, money market mutual funds, CMOs, and commercial paper, are not FDIC-insured and may carry undesirable risks.

The CDARS® Advantage

CDARS is one of the safest, not to mention smartest, options for investors looking to protect their investments while earning CD-level returns. Funds placed in CDs through CDARS offer investors, including businesses of all sizes, foundations, endowments, CPAs, lawyers, and others,

  • the peace of mind that comes with access to FDIC-insurance well above $250,000 for large deposits
  • the simplicity of making funds eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance through a single financial relationship
  • the confidence associated with knowing principal is protected—there’s no floating net asset value to worry about falling below $1
  • a return that often compares favorably to alternatives, such as U.S. Treasuries and government or prime money market mutual funds (like Treasuries or government funds, CDARS CDs are backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government)
  • a potentially higher rate of interest from consolidating large-dollar relationships with a single institution
  • the added benefit of personalized, high-touch service from local bank
  • transparency—through regular, detailed reporting and no hidden fees
  • more free time—from not having to manage multiple financial relationships, manually consolidate balances and interest disbursements, track changing collateral values, or flag more uninsured deposits in financial statements

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