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ABA seal, indicating that IntraFi Network Deposits is endorsed by the American Bankers Association. Seal is gold with black lettering and is layered over a dollar-sign shaped silver safe.

Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance and rest assured.

The product you knew as CDARS® is now called IntraFi® Network DepositsSM. Same great benefits, only the name has changed. It is the most convenient way to access FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar CD deposits and to earn CD-level rates, which often compare favorably to Treasuries and money market mutual funds.

Thousands of financial institutions offer IntraFi Network Deposits. Find out if your is one of them.

Round icon representing one bank, with illustration of bank image with three columns.


Experience how easy it is to work directly with just one local bank to make large deposits eligible for FDIC insurance.

Icon with a stack of money representing one rate per CD maturity.


Earn one rate for each CD maturity and enjoy the option of reinvesting funds through a simple process.

Icon of a hand holding a phone, representing one statement with all CD holdings.


Receive one easy-to-read statement from your bank summarizing all your CD holdings.

How it Works

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